Evelyn was at MCA for K4. Our experience was wonderful. The curriculum challenged her in a positive way by preparing her for Kindergarten; which I feel put her ahead of the kids that did not have the K4 experience. The classroom size was kept small which allowed more one on one attention that children don’t get in a larger classroom. We also participated in the after-school program. It was very convenient, and the kids continued to learn even after school was done for the day. She is now in 3rd grade and reading at a 5th grade level. I believe her Pre-K experience played a big part of her advancement. Overall, we were very happy with the education Evelyn received while she was enrolled.

Jennifer M.

MCA poured into our entire family’s life while educating our children. My children gained many valuable life skills while enrolled in MCA and yours will too. The staff aren’t just educators, they become extended family.

Angie W.

My daughter, Jessica, went to MCA for 7 years. I wondered if I was doing the right thing. A lot of people told me that I shouldn’t send her to a small private Christian school, but I did what I thought was best for her. I’m so glad that I made the decision to send my daughter to MCA. Mrs. Kelly is an excellent teacher as well as the rest of the staff. I never had to worry about her safety, bullying, or any of the other things that go on in bigger public schools. My daughter is now about to turn 20. She is in college studying veterinary technology. I would highly recommend MCA to any parent who wants the best education possible for their children whether they are in Pre-K or 12th grade. I thank Mrs. Kelly as well as the rest of the staff at MCA for Jessie’s education!

Brandi B.

I am so proud to say that my children have been a part of MCA, and that my Daughter Hayley graduated with honors from MCA. We were a homeschool family for Hayley’s entire life, but when she got into High School, I started working a new job that didn’t allow me to be home during the day with her or my son Trent. That is when we enrolled both children into MCA. They welcomed them both with open arms. I was worried, that after being homeschooled, going public school would be a big shock for both of my children. I also wanted my children to be able to learn in a Christian environment. It was so nice to know I was sending my kids to a place where they were loved and cared for like they were family. The staff is also great at keeping the parents informed. I never felt like I missed out on my child’s day. I always knew what they were doing in school and how they were progressing. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a safe loving environment for your school children. We have since moved 2 hours away for my husband’s job. My son would still be on campus if it weren’t for that. We are back to homeschooling him now, but we miss MCA.

Windy H.

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