God created each of us individually with talents and abilities given by Him.  At MCA we celebrate that uniqueness.  We teach each child basic Bible principles without introducing each church’s individual doctrine.  Let us show you how MCA excels in providing a Biblically based program infused with Godly character.

Psalm 139:14 reminds us that we are uniquely and wonderfully made by God. Your child’s educational experience should develop that uniqueness.  We develop a unique path to graduation for each child.  We offer four tracks to graduation.  Within those 4 tracks, there are options to customize your child’s educational experience.  We want to help you find where your child’s strengths, abilities, and interests are and develop those in a God honoring way.

We also want your child to know that it is important to keep God at the center of everything he/she does.  To encourage that practice, we begin every day with Bible reading and prayer.  We want to honor God with the first part of our time each morning.  We also have weekly chapel, so we can sow the seeds of the Word of God in your child’s heart.  We do not teach a specific doctrine or denominational teaching on campus.  We teach foundational Biblical principles that transcend denomination or doctrine.

We ask that all students attend a church of the parent’s choosing at least one time a week.  We believe the local church family is important to develop commitment to community and the family of God.

Our curriculum is also taught from a Biblical perspective.  Your child will learn that it is God who created the universe and everything that is in it.  Your child will learn that he/she did not evolve but was designed by The Creator.  Your child will learn the sciences from a Biblical perspective, and he/she will begin to know how intricately God designed everything around him/her.  Your child will memorize a verse of Scripture with each PACE that is done.  We also provide training on the character traits that Jesus displayed while He was here on this earth with teaching on character and integrity that is woven into your child’s daily workload.

Call 1-870-460-0829 today to set up an online or in person interview to partner with us for the education of your child(ren).  You’ll find everything you need to prepare for the meeting here.

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