MCA has yet again received international recognition as a Quality Status School.  It is Monticello Christian Academy’s 12th year to receive this honor from Accelerated Christian Education.  Here’s an excerpt from the upcoming press release…


The educational challenge of the twenty-first century has motivated Monticello Christian Academy, a ministry of Life Church, located at 910 Old Warren Road in Monticello, AR, to uphold their standard of excellence that has earned them Quality Status.  This is MCA’s 12th year to receive this honor.

Using the individualized Bible-based curriculum of Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), this school focuses on Christian character training and outstanding academic accomplishments by its students, and also demonstrates a continuing commitment ot state-of-the-art, computer-enhanced education.

This year, the combined average of all student’s grades in all subject areas was 93.75%.  “We usually hover around 90% on any given year,” said Director Kelly Word. “I’m pleased to see it increase nearly 4 percentage points this year.”  Many students also completed well over one year’s standard academic expectations.

Monticello Christian Academy believes that their school’s achievement is attributed in part to community commitment to maintain an atmosphere where a school such as MCA can effectively educate our youth today for tomorrow’s achievements.

Monticello Christian Academy is a private school located in Monticello, Arkansas. We also have a Home School division that is available in the USA. We can also discuss enrollment for families living outside the US looking for Christian education for their child(ren). When parents sign up with our HSD (Home School Division), their child is enrolled into our Academy just as if they were an on-campus student; however, the student does all the school work at their home under the guidance of their parent(s). If you are interested in our on-campus or Home School Division, please contact us. We would love to talk with you about all MCA has to offer.

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