You work hard to provide the very best team for your children.  You research the best doctors, dentist, etc.  Now, you can allow us to partner with you to provide the VERY BEST EDUCATION for your child!

We know that you have choices on the educational path for your child.  We know that you want to do what is best for your child.  That’s why Monticello Christian Academy offers a unique individual approach to education.  Whether you choose is to educate your child in the comfort of your home or desire to place your child in our small Christ-centered campus, MCA has individualized options for you.  We know that God has entrusted you with the most important work you will ever do – “train up your child in the way he/she should go.”  Let us partner with you to train and mentor your child with the highest standard of academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

Call 1-870-460-0829 today to set up an online or in person interview to partner with us for the education of your child(ren).  You’ll find everything to prepare for the meeting here.

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