We all want the very best for our children.  The ACE Curriculum that we use has been proven effective for over 50 years.  Our scope and sequence go beyond the requirements set forth by common core standards.  Let us show you how MCA excels in academic excellence!

Academic excellence is prized highly at Monticello Christian Academy.  MCA has a long-standing tradition of setting high standards academically.  When your child arrives at MCA, we administer a diagnostic test to see exactly where your child falls in our Scope & Sequence.  Once we have an idea of any gaps in your child’s education, we fill in those gaps and move forward by developing an educational plan for your child.

Our curriculum is cyclical.  We begin in the younger years with foundational concepts.  We spend several years developing your child’s foundation before we begin to build on it.  Because your child will see similar concepts over and over, we require that every student make an 80% or above to pass a test.  A 0 – 79% is considered an F.  If your child does not know 80% of the material he or she is learning, there is no point in moving forward.  We want to set up your child for success academically, so we set our standards high.  If a child does not pass a test, we give the child the opportunity to review and properly learn the material.  When the child masters at least 80% of the material, the student can continue in our curriculum.

Our curriculum is self-instructional.  We want your child to be able to critically think for him/herself.  We do offer one-on-one assistance and instruction when your child is stuck on a concept.  Your child will learn how to break large tasks, projects, and overarching yearly goals into small bite-sized daily goals that he/she can accomplish every day.  This goal setting concept will be able to follow them in every aspect of their childhood and adult life.  Your child will be set up for success with valuable time management skills.

Click here to see our Scope & Sequence.

Call 1-870-460-0829 today to set up an online or in person interview to partner with us for the education of your child(ren).  You’ll find everything you need to prepare for the meeting here.

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